Emphysema Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment For Emphysema

Emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, IPF and cystic fibrosis are lung conditions that cause degeneration or damage to tissue over time. Inflammation, mucous, scar tissue and obstruction in the airway put stress in the system leading to difficulty breathing, poor blood oxygenation and chronic fatigue.

When stem cells derived from fat, were given intravenously to treat these conditions, improvements occurred over a period of several weeks.  Patients state that they feel they can once again, "catch their breath."


Proven Results for Emphysema and Stem Cell Research

Concerning the most severe lung disease, IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) through the work of Dr. Burros of Harvard use of fat derived stem cells has extended the life of patients.* This is significant considering the severe three-year prognosis. The Adistem cell extraction technique was used to achieve these results.

The Adistem cell extraction technique delivers the highest number of viable stem cells that should be used in multiple applications. Fat is harvested, stem cells are isolated, activated and then delivered directly to the patient within 2 hours time.

Curtis was diagnosed with severe emphysema, and reports no longer needing supplemental oxygen, improved energy level, and stabilized blood pressure.  His blood oxygen content before stem cell therapy was 92%, and in one month after stem cell therapy it had improved to 98%.*  He remarked that his fatigue had improved.  His breathing improved slowly over one month. Three months after stem cell therapy his active blood oxygen level had improved from low 70%, to high 80% blood oxygen.*


We Use Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Emphysema

We use only cells taken from your own body during the stem cell procedure. This is the only stem cell treatment that is free of side effects and rejection, because the cells are already familiar with the person from whom they were harvested. The technique may require general anesthesia.


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*Results may vary from person to person. Bio identical stem cell therapy does not effect everybody the same way.