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Doctors may attend events hosted by Global Medical Training Network - GMTN.  GMTN has international experts in the fields of cosmetics, orthopaedics, anti-aging and advanced biotechnology.  Contact GMTN for more information.  Learn More.


Autologous Stem Cell Training

Global Medical Training Network offers a two-day stem cell training weekend seminar for physicians and medical professionals.  During these two days stem cell therapy will be the focus.  Global Medical Training Network will train, supply and support your staff for the application of autologous adipose (from fat) stem cell therapy (mesenchymal derived) to optimize delivery with effective results, free of side effects and rejection.

This training will provide the physician with confidence that his/her staff can consistently produce results with high cell viability and the highest number (200 million minimum per patient), without weeks of incubation or culture. The stem cells can be delivered within 40 minutes of harvest, fully activated and ready for direct application intravenously, cosmetically or for joint injection.

The Physician Training seminar is $5,000 U.S.

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Date: Weekend of October 4th/5th, 2014

The Stem Cell Training Package Includes:

Day 1
On the first day of training, those being trained will attend a lecture presented
by an experienced Global Stem Cell Network physician. The lecture will detail
the protocol for processing adipose derived stem cells. This includes fat harvest
blood PRP preparation, fat and stem cell separation, stem cell activation, local
injections and intravenous administration. Global Stem Cell Network doctors
will teach using our specialized protocol.

This lecture session will also include data from topics ranging from stem cell
anatomy and physiology to stem cell classification. Other topics include recent
applications using stem cells to treat patients and clinical studies on stem cells.

Lecture Agenda:

• Stem cell division and multiplication

• Stem cell harvesting

• Stem cell classification

• Stem cell administration technique

• Questions are welcome at any time during the lecture.

There will be breaks for tea, coffee and biscuits. Lunch will also be served at an appropriate time.

Day 2
The second day of stem cell training is really about the practical application. We will treat individual cases by giving stem cells intravenously; by local injection into a joint; or use them for cosmetic purposes underneath the skin. These procedures will be applied so that the physicians can get one-on-one experience with the doctor and patient in preparation to treat their own patients using stem cell therapy when they return to their medical facilities.


Training equipment will be provided.

• LED Light (low impulse) for Full Activation

• 1 ADSC Kits with PRP preparation

• Operating Procedure Equipment List

• Operative Room Procedure Protocol

Materials Provided:

• Easy to follow step-by-step manuals and PowerPoint presentations

• Easy to follow step-by-step protocol for PRP

• Access to Internet Data Base for Resources

• Easy Equipment Ordering Guidelines

Photos of our past doctor's trainings available on our Facebook page – "Global Medical Training Network - GMTN".
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