Kidney Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment and Kidney Disease

Through all kidney disease stages, stem cell treatment with your own stem cells can provide results.  The kidneys will release cytokines when they are injured.  Stem cells can find the areas of injury because of these cytokines.  Then when the stem cells get to the area of injury they can differentiate into kidney specific cells.*

Many kidney failure patients have spent huge amounts of time and effort with their doctors that practice all the "standard of care" treatments that have available to them and their hospitals. These patients eventually discover that in reality, their doctors just don't have a kidney disease "cure", much less an effective kidney disease treatment. Keeping things going as long as possible, with as few complications as possible, is the real goal.

If you're looking for the results that kidney disease stem cell treatment can provide, then talk to the people doing the research and the effective treatments.*


Kidney Disease Research and Stem Cell Treatment

When the kidneys become damaged, waste products and fluid can build up in the body causing swelling in ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep and shortness of breath. Left untreated, diseased kidneys may eventually stop functioning completely. Loss of kidney function is a serious and potentially fatal condition.

The loss of kidney function happens gradually, usually over several months to several years. Loss of kidney function also causes other problems such as anemia, high blood pressure, acidosis, disorders of cholesterol and fatty acids and bone disease.

Chronic kidney disease is also referred to as kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease, wherein there is total or near total loss of kidney function. Most individuals in this stage of kidney disease need dialysis or transplantation to stay alive.

A new approach to regenerate the kidneys exists, en lieu of stabilizing them to manage the inevitable failure and deterioration.

Stem Cell Therapy holds great promise for the future of the treatment and amelioration of Nephritis, failure and transplantation.*

Kidney improvement has been documented after the use of adipose derived stem cell therapy (using stem cells from your own fat). The procedure was performed under sterile operating conditions and fat was harvested by manual liposuction and administered in the same setting without a need for expansion or adding new chemical therapies. PRP was added to the stem cell application and the cells where administered after laser activation.  No expansion or removal of cells from the primary treatment location occurred.


Journal of the American Society of Nephrology:
(Oct. 23, 2009) - Stem Cell therapy provides hope for patients with kidney disease. "Our study opens up consideration of stem cells for our kidney patients," comments Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD of Harvard.

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Kidney Protocol:

  • Adipose Stem Cell Therapy
  • Mild Detoxification of liver
  • Low protein raw food diet
  • GEMM therapy
  • UT Injection
  • IV Vitamin C
  • IPF1 Peptide Injections
  • Vitamin B complex and Magnesium
  • Acupuncture and Herbs
  • Cordyceps/ Chanca Piedra/ Uva Ursi/ Juniper Berries


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*Results may vary from person to person. Bio identical stem cell therapy does not effect everybody the same way.  A number of factors affect the healing process.