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Mr. Anand Kumar, 52, Sri Lanka, Treatment on 28th August 2013

Diagnosis: Chronic Renal Disease

Condition: Recommended for dialysis and transplant. Hypertension, heart condition due to kidney failure, and unable to sleep well at night.

  Aug. 2013 Oct. Dec. 2013
Creatinine 2.79 2.73 2.39
BUN 37 mg/dl 24.6 mg/dl 28.6 mg/dl

“Kidneys improved, no longer heart condition”

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Brett Jensen, 54, USA, Treatment on 18th January 2013

Diagnosis: old orthopedic injury

Condition: daily joint pain in hip and knees.

Effect of treatment:

“My hip and knee is far better. Overall I feel very good! Also I have never seen this level of care. It was amazingly wonderful”

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Amy Gibson, 52, USA, Treatment on 19th January, 2013

Diagnosis: spinal disorder, 7 bulging discs

Condition: daily back pain and use of pain killers. 

Effect of treatment: spine health improved; pain associated with her back reduced and increase strength in her arms and fingers.

“It’s been an extraordinary Journey for me!”

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