Success Stories

Client Testimonial Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Mr. Siripong has chosen life, regeneration, and health.  His sister Khun Siripen tells us the progress Khun Siripong has made since his last stem cell treatment.  This is his fourth stem cell treatment, he has them every two to three months.  Stem cell therapy has given him the ability to move parts of his body that he previously could not move.*

*Results may vary from person to person.


Testimonial from a Patient

Our client found himself suffering from joint pain. He was suffering from daily pain in his hip and knees. He heard about the ability stem cells have for regenerating tissue, and re-growing cartilage. Knowing that a hip replacement is a life-changing procedure, he choose to instead re-grow his cartilage using his own stem cells. This is his testimonial after receiving his own stem cells from fat (autologous adipose stem cells).

*Results may vary from person to person.


A Letter from a Patient who had Stem Cell Therapy and a Knee Injection

November 16, 2012

Hi Kathy,

I am writing to tell you of a success story I had with your treatments. I remember telling everyone that with my new knee my goal was to do Parkour(street running). Not only have I been learning Parkour, but I graduated recently as a Parkour fitness specialist. Attached is a photo of me with my graduating class, taken a few weeks ago.

You can imagine how hard Parkour is on the knees, but I was fine. I do Parkour everyday now.* I feel a lot of aches and pains but not in my knee. You can see from the photo I am quite happy about it.  I was just so excited that I could hang with them in a very hard training course.

I sincerely thank all of you. I will think of you guys every time I jump over a wall.


Melanie P Success












*Results may vary from person to person.


A Letter from a Mother of an Autistic Child following Stem Cell Therapy

June 13th, 2012

Dear Mr. Turner

I am so happy and lucky to have my children treated by the Global Stem Cell Network.

My first visit to the clinic was excellent, everything was explained clearly, and the best treatment option was suggested for my two boys. 

I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for stem cell therapy. Not to forget the friendly, caring, talented staff.

Thank you all, and thank you Mr. Turner. You were so helpful, wonderful and made everything so easy.

And about my children, I do see a few changes. Everyday is a new day for their father and I. Maybe you are going to say it's still too early to see changes. But I do see it, grateful and thankful to you all.

I'm writing these improvements I see daily. I will send it in two weeks, and if I'm over-excited I may send it even earlier.

I will contact you for a new appointment in 2-1/2 months.

Thank you


Autism Case Study

The following is a letter from the father (Dr. Anthony) of one of our Autistic patients. He writes to inform us about some things he has noticed since his daughter was given Adipose Stem Cell treatment for Autism.

May 2011

Dear John Wood,

Thank you for your kind inquiry.

I waited a little while to answer in order to have more time to observe her. Yes, Brian is right; we are doing a case study on her. My wife is keeping daily notes.  We have some video footage already, however, I think we should keep taping to obtain some more that could be suitable to put up online.


What we have noticed so far:

1.)  She has the light of reason back in her eyes. She was very much shut down in terms of contact with other people.*

2.)  She is much more alert to her surroundings.*

3.)  She has spoken to me and her grandmother by phone – something she has never, ever done in her life. She said to her grandmother, "Hi nana...I do love you." She has never said a word over the phone before. *

We took her to the beach with us and previously she would pretty much freeze up and freak out to be in the water with us. Now she enjoys the water, and when I put a big donut-tube around her, instead of sinking through it into the water, she held on to it (with a little assistance) and smiled and floated. I had her repeat, "I am floating." which she did and had a big smile on her face, and we could tell she knew what she was saying, i.e., she grasped the concept of floating and that these words expressed what she was doing, she was not mere repeating words by rote.*

4.)  She is better able to go to the bathroom, i.e. urine function, more normally and avoid enuresis. She goes during the day which is something she never did before, only in the morning and before going to bed, and then we sometimes, frequently, had to put her in the shower, let the water run to induce her to go.*

5.)  She gets up out of bed unassisted, pushing herself up in a normal fashion.*



1.)  Drooling, which was something she did have a problem with before, seems to have increased.

2.)  While there is more language, as compared to mostly dead silence before, it is brief and sporadic.*

3.)  Periods of repetitive jargoning type speech occur.



1.)  I think she will need at least two or more additional ASC (Adipose Stem Cell) treatments to keep progressing in order to achieve a higher level of functioning.*

2.)  She had 80 hours of HBOT which perked her up and dovetailed and enhanced the ASC treatment.*


Overall assessment

This has been a great help and blessing to her. I don't think we would have seen anywhere this level of improvement without it. She is coming out of a deep dark tunnel where there was no light. I feel the Adistem protocol has flipped on the light of reason and with further treatments will produce greater gains. Definitely worthwhile. We are very grateful for this opportunity and the kindness of Dr. Vasilis, Brian and the team in making this possible. Very hopeful to begin using this treatment in the DR as soon as possible for others.*


Warm Regards,

Dr. Anthony

*Results may vary from person to person.